Friday, January 04, 2013

AAPL - Bearish Island

10:45 AAPL Update - LIS for bulls is 522 assuming this is a traditional low to high fib placement rather than an extension.

Caution, bearish island reversal has formed on AAPL chart.  If bulls don't defend HWB, AAPL is doomed to retest support once again.


chin said...

AAPL definitely basing for a move.. not sure in which direction.. There is a huge descending triangle which coincides with the 50DMA..

Looks like you could win the bet ...

chin said...

Hi Jamie, Looks like you have abandon AAPL..

Could you please help me understand the move that AAPL could potential make if the descending triangle is confirmed ?

Appreciate your help.

Thank you.

TJ said...

Hi Chin,

AAPL had a BO this morning after coiling at the base last week. We had an inside bar on Friday as well as an inside week on the weekly.

Normally, on a BO like this we expect expansion all morning, followed by mid day consolidation and another push in the afternoon. However, AAPL has been consolidating since the open probably due to the wide gap.

I am placing my fibs from 515.20 to 498.51. If AAPL breaks above the ambush zone, the bears will be under pressure.

The target for the descending triangle is 478.50.

The shorter term target for today is 494.57, followed by 488.20.

TJ said...

Here is a picture

chin said...

So it is bearish short-term.

Would you be playing the earnings next week ? Thanks much.

TJ said...

Yes, bearish short-term. ST LIS is 508.82.

I prefer gap n go. All this consolidation is suspect to me.

I have no position and do not plan to trade AAPL earnings.

chin said...

Just to understand, 508.82 is the price point on the
small DT line from Dec '12.

ST bulls are doomed, if price does not stay above your LIS.

Thanks for your help.

TJ said...

The 508.82 is the 61.8% FR from last week's low to the ORL for today.

When price breaks from a flat base, we have a fib extension from low to low.

On the daily chart AAPL breached the previous low on the open, but can't seem to hold it.

No momentum on the BO is a red flag for bears.

Bulls have been doomed for months, but, if the bears can't get the job done, bulls will have a chance to retrace HWB.

chin said...

AAPL blew through all the supports.. now on its way down.. Your brother wins, I guess. GL Jamie.

chin said...

Hi Jamie, if you are watching AAPL, could you please comment. Your HWB level has been reached ( well, almost there !!)

Would be nice to hear what you think of this broken stock.


TraderO7 said...

Hi Jamie, what's going on? Been a while you're not posting?

TJ said...

Hi Doug,

I'm still here. I'm day trading Index futures mostly now and swing trading stocks.

Maybe one of these days, I will motivate myself back into blogging.

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