Saturday, September 09, 2006


Friday's morning star pattern has neutralized the evening star from earlier in the week. Now it looks like AKAM is poised to retest $42.00 resistance for the third time. If it succeeds we should see a lot more upside to come.

BOOM broke out of its consolidation pattern and has now come back to retest the breakout point. I'm not sure if the breakout was a bull trap or if it will succeed and rally back up towards its April highs. We should get a good idea which direction it will take early next week.

If CKFR can hold above $38.00 in the early going next week, we should see an attempt at a gap fill ($42.50) in the very near-term. On August 28th, I profiled CKFR as a long watch list stock with target of $37.50- $38.00. Here is the link.

CTXS looks well positioned to attempt to test its downtrend line in the near-term.

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