Wednesday, July 04, 2007

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Anonymous said...

Great post. I was going to look thru the old posts for your style and now it is all here.

I am not to technical on scan, but is there a service you use in order to find consolidation pattern (nb bars)? Is there a scan rules to scan for prior breakouts?

Thank you very much.

TJ said...


Math is not my forte and as such, the perfect NR7 scan eludes me. However, I sometimes do scan for NR, inside bars with declining ATR (Average True range). This sometimes is successful in giving me a workable list of potential NR7 candidates.

I don't know of a scan for prior breakouts but I do keep a collection of high volume gappers during earnings season for future extensions. Read my post on compiling the watchlist.

Anonymous said...

Also, I noticed you have a few MA on intraday chart, are you sma or ema? Is the ma 10, 20 and 50?

Thanks again

TJ said...


I used to use 10 and 20 EMA. Now I use 5 and 20 EMA. Longer MAs 50 and 200 are SMA.

Trading Goddess said...

Thanks, Jamie!