Thursday, February 19, 2009

Support & Resistance

CAT printed a hanging man at resistance.

V tested resistance at $58.00 in early trade. This was a HCPG pick on Friday - failures lead to fast moves in the opposite direction. My alert was set too high today, so I didn't get into V until the inverse C&H was about to break. But you can see from the chart that today's price action almost mirrors Friday's. So basically, I was able to make the same money twice.

1 minute chart below shows that two bear flags formed along the way so there was opportunity to get in after the initial break.

Last night we said that POT had carved out a nice inverse H&S. I was disappointed that it gapped so wide - into the R-zone. Eventually it printed a series of lower highs, setting up for a gap fade and fill.

ABX - the base from yesterday's inverse H&S held as support for most of the session, but it finally gave way for nice short into the close.

Last night I said price has a memory and the CAT, V and ABX trades prove the point. Remember to set alerts at key support/resistance levels.

And what's up with this Trader Transaction Tax? Sounds like some people are getting carried away, blaming Wall Street and the regular Joe day trader for everything that's gone wrong with the U. S. banking system.


bl said...

Ever trade ETF's like faz skf? Esp with the financial meltdow...fade the open.

Jamie said...


I prefer stocks, but I do trade ETFs once in a while.